In Normandy, for many years apples were the foundation of economic and cultural prosperity. Cider (fermented apple must – apple wine) and Calvados were traditionally produced on farms of Normandy for many years. Calvados is a beverage which is produced from distilled cider. The first official written note on the distillation of calvados dates back to the 16th Century. This was long before the beverage adopted its modern name. According to the legend, in 1554 a certain agronomist named de Gouberville began the distillation of apple must on his farm in Mensil-au-Val. The name did not appear until 30 years later, when in 1588 a Spanish galleon named „El Calvador” crashed on the coast of Normandy. Over time, the rocks that the ship crashed against were started to be called Calvados and gradually the name spread to cover the entire region.



Calvados can only be produced in Normandy, and its name and origin are covered by the AOC appellation. Calvados was assigned the „Appellation d'Origine” status in 1942.

Calvados needs to mature for at least two years. Then the beverage is diluted with water in order to reduce its strength to ca. 40-50%. The time of maturing of many varieties of Calvados are longer than the required two years. Frequently Porto or sherry casks are used to allow the beverage to obtain the right colour. It is possible to use oak or chestnut casks for the maturing process; the volume of casks must be no larger than 600l.

Over time, the bitterest ingredients that give calvados its strong flavour give way to aromas that are more pleasant for the palate. Calvados unveils various chemical substances out of Wood. One example could be the tannins that give bitterness.



AOC Calvados – In short apple from the Calvados region that undergoes the process of continuous distillation with the use of a distillation column.

AOC Calvados Pays d'Auge – the most highly controlled and regarded as having the highest quality. Apples from Pays d'Auge undergo double distillation in copper stills.

AOC Calvados Domfrontais – with a 30% addition of pears from the Domfrontais region, undergoes the continuous distillation process with the use of a column distiller.

Pommeau – sweet, harmonious combination of 2/3 of Apple must and 1/3 of the cask –aged calvados, produced for centuries by farmers in Normandy.

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