The strongest alcoholic beverage was produced in the interwar period by the Estonian Alcohol Monopoly. The strength of this potato distilled alcohol was 98 percent by volume.

"Baz Super Brew" is a beer brewed by the Barrie Parish in Somerby (Leicestershire County, Great Britain) contains 23 percent of alcohol by volume. It is the strongest beer in the world.

A record price for a glass of wine has been paid in 1993. 100 grams of "Beaujolais Nouveau" at a "Pickwick" Pub in Beaune (Great Britain) cost 1,453 dollars.

The most expensive alcohol available on the market is the "Springbank 1919 Malt Whisky"; one bottle costs 10,800 dollars which is over 43,000 PLN.

The "Mathaser" Pub in Munich can fit 5500 people and sells 48 thousand liters of beer per day.

On 26th February  1999 at 11 pm, 197,843 people gathered in American pubs, restaurants and bars to raise the Great Guinness Toast.

The largest wine tasting event was held on 22nd November 1986 in San Francisco (USA California). During this event sponsored by the KOED4 television station, four thousand people drank 9,360 bottles of wine.

On December 1985 during an auction at Christie’s in London, one bidder paid 157,000 dollars for a bottle of "Chateau Lafite"1787. This was the most expensive bottle of wine. In 1986 the cork fell inside the bottle thus spoiling the wine.

Kazimierz M., a highlander from Nowy Targ, Poland, vowed periodical abstinence from alcoholic beverages at an Abbey of Jesuit Priests on a hill in Zakopane. He never kept any of these promises.

The German writer, Ernst Junger, believed that red wine was a long-life elixir. He drank 3 liters of this beverage daily and lived to see the age of 103.

On March 24, 1992 Reuters spread the top news story worldwide of a man who got knocked down by a car on a road to Nowogard Bobrzański, with over with 7.2 promille of alcohol in his blood.

Winston Churchill, while He was the leader of the British government drank a bottle of champagne, a bottle of wine, a bottle of cognac and a bottle of whisky every day. Apparently no one ever saw Churchill drunk. He lived to the age of 90.

Among the 8 American winners of the Nobel Peace Prize – five suffered from alcohol addiction: William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Eugene O'Neill, Sinclair Lewis and John Steinbeck.

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