Dry rose wines (Provence, Loire Valley, Navarra, Rioja, Catalonia) – mozzarella, tomatoes and Basil, Bacon omelette, tortilla, turkey bake, pork cutlet, grilled veal, tuna.

Fruity sparkling wines (Prosecco) – seafood, roast chicken, grilled meat, spicy Chinese dishes, moderately sweet desserts, fruity desserts.

Complex sparkling wines (Champagne, Cava, Cremant’s d’Alsace) – nuts and almonds, cheese (Parmesan, Gouda, Gruyére, Comté, Cheddar), caviar, mushroom of truffle omelette, spaghetti with vegetables, seafood or a rich sauce, mushroom spaghetti, shell fish entrees such as prawns, oysters or moules, boiled salmon, grilled trout, boiled or roast fillet of sole, salmon, mackerel, flounder or tuna, poultry, quail, pheasant, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, ratatouille, spicy Asian food, sushi.

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