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Portugal – geographically a small country – wine wise – a great one.

For hundreds of years, Portugal has been known as the source of Port, however it is now becoming famous for its other wines as well.

Currently, a frequent first association with ‘Portuguese wine’ is Douro.  This used to be a place where the best Port was produced, currently the region also produces splendid unfortified wines. The region itself, thanks to its red unfortified wines, has become one of the most renowned winemaking regions of Europe. In large part this is owed to location and climate. Terraces where the vineyards are stretched out lie on schist soils. Therefore they keep moisture well and even during summer droughts, the vine obtains the right amount of water.

The second association, for some it may even be the first, is vinho verde – green wine. It is not known as green because of its colour (as rose vinho verde also exists), but due to the fact that immature grapes are used for its production. This is a light and refreshing wine, containing 8-11% of alcohol, and a definitely dry flavour and various tones. Bubbles form naturally during production. Vinho verde is produced In the Minho region, the oldest and most intensely grown winemaking region in Portugal.

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