What must you do to establish a wine importer and seller business? Is it enough to have an idea and sufficient funds? What does it take to be a wine lover? Is it enough to visit a few vineyards and taste a couple of wines?

Everything must flow from emotions, positive connotations and dreams. Only then will you continuously want to deepen the mysterious knowledge of wine and share it with others!

Piwnica Smaków was founded because wine is our passion but also because we are aware of how much we still need to learn about it.

We draw our passion and vast knowledge about wine from people who have founded family vineyards in Spain Portugal, France, Italy and Germany from where we import our splendid wines.

For years we have been striving to make our highest quality wines created with passion reach companies and the HoReCa sector. Our imported wines can be found not only in our flagstore but also in over a dozen Warsaw restaurants. We organise business meetings animated by commented tastings, select wine cards for restaurants and train waiters in order to facilitate learning about wines offered in their restaurant.

Our flagstore located in Wilanów, Warsaw, is a place where you can find not only our imported wines but also splendid wines from other importers, distillates and other liquors, colonial products, gourmet sweets, snacks, coffees and teas, wine accessories and brand literature... It is a place that offers not only highest quality products, but also professional personnel that will be glad to help with selecting the perfect products.

Our offer comprises not only highest quality products but also services that allow you to learn more about our attractive wines. You can order elegant and customized sets and gift baskets, select wines for a wedding or an event; our specialists are ready to prepare a commented tasting during which you can try and learn more about our wines.  It is our goal and great pleasure to prepare an offer that is attractive for you – product and price wise, provide professional commercial support, provide products in continuous offer and deliver any time you need.

Our flexibility allows us to treat every customer individually, making our offer meet specific needs of our customers.

All this in order to pass our passion for wine onto you…


Please see a list of partners who have trusted us, been with us for years and have ascertained that we fulfill our obligations very well:



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