Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2008, Gianfranco Alessandria

„A mature, generous nebbiolo from a warm year. Classic bouquet with a red fruit aroma: raspberry and cranberry, cherry and violets. Light-bodied with distinguishable, yet integrated velvety tannins. Extremely versatile in terms of culinary combinations.”







Primitivo IGP Salento Rosso 2010, Cantine de Falco


„…The mouth is neatly tailored, light in matter and relatively sweet for a primitivo, with good acidity. The finish is soily, slightly salty with a slight protrusion of alcohol. Overall it is a very subtle and pleasant wine and a very good value for money.”





Chablis AOC 2011, Domaine Louis Moreau


„A round, full-bodied, fruity and fresh chablis. In the nose there is an attractive combination of ripe fruits – pineapple apple, pear – with nuts and melted butter. Impressive and simply pleasurable."








I Gadi Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT 2012, Casa Vinicola Bennati

„A fresh and pleasant pinot grigio, with good fruitiness, good acidity a delicate sweet note with no excessive sweetness, from a vast array of simple wines of this type this ons is distinguished by its intriguing, slightly rough and stony texture."

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